Henry Thomas Bio, Net worth, Personal life & More

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Henry Thomas Bio, Net worth, Personal life & More

Let us introduce you to a man named Henry Jackson Thomas Jr. who is also better known by his short name of Henry Thomas. The man is known to be one of the best American actors as well as musicians.  He is most well known for this role in Steven Spielberg’s all-time favourite film titled E.T.

Extra-Terrestrial along with his iconic recurring role in the horror thriller film titled ‘The Haunting of Hill House”.  Still, the most renowned role of Henry Thomas to this date was for a boy named ‘Elliot” in E.T. In that role, Henry created a life-like performance that made the film one of the most watched and successful movies to be ever created on Aliens.

In his modern classical roles, he is known for films like “Gangs of New York”, “Dear John” and “The Hard Easy”.

Today we decided to let our readers get brief information on all aspects of Henry Thomas’s life including his career development as well as his net worth, life facts, and his family details.

Real Name:- 

Henry Jackson Thomas Jr.


Henry Thomas






Date of Birth:-

September 9th, 1971

Birth Place:-

San Antonio, Texas

Zodiac Sign:-




Physical Stats:-

There was nothing special about the appearance of Henry Thomas other than the fact he was an ordinary-looking boy that lived a normal life in his home in Texas. He was cast for the role of Elliot at age of 10 years old by a casting director, who saw the innocence in the eyes of the kid to be the thing they were looking for.

Even nowadays, Henry Thomas’s facial features are all but of an average American man but he is still known for his role as Elliott the most.

Personal life& Career:-

  • Henry Thomas was an average kid that spent the early 10 years of his life with his family in their middle-class home located in San Antonio, Texas. None of his mother or father had any relationship with the entertainment industry but their child went on to become a star of Hollywood with one of the iconic roles of all times.
  • He went for an audition for a new movie in his home city of San Antonio and the casting director liked what he saw in Thomas Henry he was thus cast for his first film role as a kid at only the age of 10 years old.
  • Henry Thomas Did mention that at the age of 8 years old he watched a Special on PBS that instilled a passion for acting in his young mind and his first role as a kid was in a film titled Raggedy Man in which he played the part of a kid named Harry.
  • The major break for his childhood acting career came in his 2nd film which was E.T. Extraterrestrial, in which he played the part of Elliot.
  • After the success of this film, Henry went silent for a few years in der to pursue his education and then starred in many TV shows and films. He did extensive work in the field of acting as his filmography contains over 50 film titles. Some of these films include titles like
  • Bombshell
  • Curse of Starving Class
  • Legends of the Fall
  • In his modern film roles, he made appearances in movies like “Ouija: Origin of Evil” and “Gerald’s Game”.
  • The acting work of Henry Thomas is not only limited to films; he also did extensive work in TV shows as well. Some of his best appearances were in the following TV shows.
  • Moby Dick
  • Without a Trace
  • The Mentalist
  • Masters of Horror
  • Better Things
  • Sons of Liberty
  • As for their most recent appearance in the entertainment industry, Henry Thomas has acted for his recurring role as a character named Huge Crain in the Netflix horror show titled “The hating of Hill House”.
  • When you thought that it was enough of a career, Henry Thomas will prove you wrong as he is a musician as well and a talented one at that. He has written songs for 2 following bands.
  • The Blue Heelers
  • San Antonio Band


  • Seeing the acting accolades of Henry Thomas, one wonders that he comes from an extraordinarily family background that has many a generation of acting talent but you cannot be farther from the truth. His father worked as a machinist for hydraulics while mother was an ordinary family woman.
  • Despite getting a film role of his own at the age of 10, Henry Thomas did not let go of his formal education. E completed high school from East Central High School whilst he got his college degree from Blinn College.
  • During the filming of E.T. Henry became a subject discussed for the sad part where his dog was killed by the neighbour. This incident in the film when was discussed so brazenly in the public took its toll on Henry as a kid and he suffered major psychological trauma because of it.
  • For his roles in films like Raggedy Man, E.T., The McMartin Trial, and Cloak & dagger Indictment, Henry received 7 nominations.
  • Back in 2013, Henry Thomas was got inducted into the Texas Film Hall Of Fame.

Net worth:-

There is no reliable source which can make an accurate statement about the net worth of Henry Thomas but as per many sources, his net worth is near about 80 million dollars. This net worth started amassing for Henry with his acting debut back in 1981. Considering the fact that he had over 50 different film roles as well as roles in TV shows and work done in the music industry, this much does not seem farfetched of a figure.

Family Tree:-

Information regarding the family details of Henry Thomas is as follows.

Father Name:-

Henry Jackson Thomas Sr.

Mother Name:-

Carolyn L


Not known.


From his 3 marriages, Henry Thomas is a father to 3 children.

Relationships & Affairs:-

So far, the actor has been married 3 times his first marriage was with a woman named Kelly Hill back in 2000 which ended with divorce after 2 years. He married again in 2004 to a German TV and film actress named Marie Zielcke and had a daughter from this marriage named Hazel. This marriage too ended in divorce only after 3 years.

At the moment, he is married to a woman named Annalee Fery to whom he got married back in 2009. This marriage seems to be a loving one as it is going song. Henry has 2 other children from this marriage.

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