Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees in the World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees in the World

Caffeine is consumed mostly which is a drug of psychoactive and is originated from pills, drinks and food. The most expensive coffee contains the maximum amount of caffeine and this drug revolves around the whole world and many lives. They overlook this drug and a cup of coffee is taken to drive the economy of billions of dollars. Taking some amount of caffeine in a cup of morning drink is beneficial for your whole day.

Coffee is used worldwide as it is considered to make you fresh and active at work. This coffee is considered a gigantic drink for the economies of the world. The most expensive coffee has the most effective coffee beans. They are the species of plant which are brewed up as the stimulant of coffee to aid digestion. The methods of production have grown to give profiles of coffee. The connoisseur of coffee is brewed with the technology to develop the standard cup distance with the cups of coffee and they are readily available in the market.

The top ten most expensive coffees is listed as follows


Crop: Puerto Rico

Price: $ 24 / lb.

Coffee is a crop of commercial in Puerto Rico and it serves as a staple of the economy in the foreign and domestic markets. Puerto Rico is a combination of the Yuaco region which makes it too rich in flavour for the technique of farming and natural elements are an amount of rainfall in the rich amount of flavours. The soil is rich in clay and it has its own flavour which makes the availability limited for the connoisseur who expects to get Puerto Rico coffee in freshly brewed form. It has flavours of chocolate in the undertone with mild butter.


Crop: Rwanda

Price: $ 24 / lb.

Bourbon is the coffee which has a variety of heirlooms in the Arabica coffee and is famous for its melted butter, black cherry and acidic nature. It is blended with spiced nuts and the bean flavors rave this about. This is added to the farms of coffee to go on a mission that rebuilds the country in an economy to shake the violence internally. Its expensive flavours make it the most expensive coffee. Its crops are also very expensive and also popularity also goes in the global market of coffee. The cooperatives of this crop depend on the exclusive bean in the primary crops.


Crop: Honduras

Price: $ 35 / lb.

Honduras is the best leader in the production of coffee in the Central American region. In an auction of online in this year on June, some buyers are willing to buy about 1, 320 pounds of coffee from the farm of Mi Esperanza at a record-breaking price of $ 35.10 per pound.

This coffee has got natural qualities that have spice, chocolates, nuts and fruit flavours combination. It is a connoisseur which is automatically intense and aromatic which does not even leave a taste bitter.


Crop: El Salvador

Price: $ 40 / lb.

Finca Los Planes coffee is deeply cultivated in the region which are mountainous in El Salvador and Chalatenango in the farm which is operated by Ticas Yeyes Sergio. This crop makes the most expensive coffee and its flavor is really good. This has been inherited to farm through his father and the cup is won by the brown sugar threads and caramel. $ 40 is paid per pound to see the average rate of consumers for the lovers of coffee and they have a fair price to pay for the Los Planes in the grown-up family.


Crop: Jamaica

Price: $ 49 lb.

The coffee of Blue Mountain has a reputation in the whole world for the consumers and the excellence from one corner of the world to the other one and they do not seem enough to be from $ 49 for each pound. About 80 % of coffee is produced in the Jamaica Blue Mountains and it has heavy rainfalls and also some growth influences where the beans are completely processed. The water is present in abundance where the pulps of coffee cherries are picked to give the Blue Mountains and they are mild and well–balanced.


Crop: Brazil

Price: $ 50 lb.

The farm of Fazenda Santa Ines is the tradition which positions the farm in the operation of family business to the different methods of processing and cultivation to process coffee. This bean produces much of coffee in different quality and this crop is paid for about $ 50 per pound. The crop is sourced to feed the natural water spring minerals in the fertile soil to plant this. This is processed natural being the most expensive coffee and it taste soft and caramel.


Crop: Hawaii

Price: $ 51 / lb.

Hawaii is the only state in the US whose conditions of soil are ideal for coffee growth and also its climate. It is not a surprise it has coffees from renowned cities and the best to produce is the plantation on about 500 acres. This state has floral aromas and also the taste of caramel has herbs in it and also it has acidic and finishing in long-lasting material. The combination is unique it has the most expensive coffee and also it sells a variety of Muleskinner in about $ 51 per pound.


Crop: St. Helena

Price: $ 79 / lb.

St. Helena Coffee is the company of Island which is traced to the Bonaparte of Nepal and it is combined with the coffee taste and also the crops trend in it. The beans of Nepal have flourished and have been positioned in the coast of Africa. The isolation of crops and also the transport need seem to have constant barriers and it makes it an expensive one as well. This crop has isolated the distances which contribute to the high prices. They have an unmatched flavour of floral and the citrus gives a hint of this cost.


Crop: Indonesia

Price: $ 160 / lb.

Luwak coffee is from Indonesia and they are processed with the digestion and selection of the beans and are designed with the fermentation which takes place with the animals. The faces of animals have the enzymes which are emitted through the coveted in the whole world in point of the consumers who are willing to pay about $ 160 per pound for Luwak Coffee.

  • Hacienda La Esmeralda

1) PANAMA Coffee

Price: $ 350. 25 / lb.

The shelf of trophies looks too crowded which is awarded first place in the whole world and these cuppings are about thirteen times more from 2004. It is the most expensive coffee in the whole world. The record is too recent which grows in the slopes and shades of trees guava. This bean has it in such small quantities. They are delicate and rare in the world of coffee to fulfil the connoisseur of coffee in a lifetime.

The list of Most Expensive Coffees in the World:

Rank Coffee Worth
1 Panama Coffee $350
2 Kopi Luwak Coffee $160
3 St.Helena Coffee $79
4 Molokai Coffee $51
5 Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee $50
6 Blue Mountain Coffee $49
7 Los Planes $40
8 Mi Esperanza Coffee $35
9 Starbucks Rwanda Blue $24
10 Yauco Selecto Coffee $24

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